To set up Google Analytics, you’ll need a Google account. If you don’t have one, you can set one up using a Gmail address. Once that’s done, here’s what I set up for you:

Basic Setup

Your Google Analytics setup includes the following:

  • Installation and configuration of Google Analytics (GA) tracking either manually or via plugin for configuration depending on site setup and needs.
  • Installation of GA Dashboard reporting plugin, if desired. This provides stats in WP Dashboard and removes need to constantly log into GA.
  • Customizations of tracking code to take into account subdomain and/or cross domain tracking where applicable and configuration of additional required profiles and filters for this type of tracking.
  • Bounce rate customizations related to site user timings (lowers bounce rate, which is good on blog pages where GA regards a single pageview of a site as a blog, so visitors who stay longer than 15 seconds on a page are no longer counted as a bounced visit).
  • Setup of event or virtual pageview tracking for affiliate links/buttons, file downloads via in-page links, and so on.
  • Setup of extra profiles and filters where necessary to prevent corruption of data from other websites (in the rare case of GA code stolen and used on another site).

If GA has previously been set up/installed

If you already have Google Analytics set up, service will include:

  • Check for any obvious configuration issues, addition of any of the above such as event/virtual pageviews etc. where necessary/desired.
  • Analysis of past month’s data such as branded/non-branded keyword performance.
  • Setup and necessary configuration of GWMT, linking to the GA account, and addition of sitemap.
  • Creation of a Bing WMTA and addition of sitemap.
  • Creation of G+ Personal Profile.
  • Creation of G+ Page for site/business.
  • Setup of Author info for G+.
  • Linking of GA and GWMT in Raventools.
  • Setup of basic monthly GA reports in Raventools.

What I need from you:

No Current Google Account

  1. First and last name
  2. Date of birth (required)
  3. Alternate email address for account recovery purposes and verification of G+ page ownership (preferably

Google Account Exists Already

  1. Add me to GA as admin via
  2. Add me to GWMT as a site owner
  3. Provide login and password for Google account

This enables me to authorize and link you into Raventools via your own account rather than mine. It also allows me to set up your G+ profile page (if this is done via my account then I can’t automatically hand off ownership to you).

NB: If your Google account has been created using a non-Gmail email address, you’ll need a Gmail address for a G+ profile etc.

G+ Local (used to be Google Places e.g. Google Maps) may also be a part of your Analytics setup and can be discussed during our initial consultation.