You’re Here For a Reason

Small business owners with more items on their to-do lists than time or staff need help. Plain and simple.

Welcome to Small Business Enabler. I know you have a budget and lofty goals. Dreams. Ambitions. And you only have so much time each day to get everything done.

My business is all about helping you and your small business reach those big goals and dream up new ones.

I’ve been there, and I know how it is when you’re just starting out, recovering from a setback, or growing your business. And I’m here to give you the opportunity to learn from someone else’s mistakes and move faster with a stronger foundation because of it.

Small Business Enabler Back Story

I called my Grandparents—Kenneth L. Hobbs and Hazel Hobbs—Grandma and Gramps, but I could also call them My Business Inspirations.

In 2004, Gramps was diagnosed with lung cancer and given no more than six months to live. He asked me to “be around” for him and Grandma so they could stay in their home in Fitzgerald, Georgia. This was the community in which they had raised their only child—my dad—and where Gramps had operated his sign shop for more than 50 years.

During my time of “being around,” Gramps told me a lot about his decades as a small business owner and the lessons he learned running his business in a small, South Georgia (US) community. It was here that the seeds were sown, which eventually blossomed into my own small business.

Gramps lived two years longer than the doctors expected, and he never underwent treatment of any kind. Grandma and other relatives and friends also helped, and I treasure the time I had with them. My grandparents shared so much with me, not only the wisdom earned from 50 years of business experience but also lessons learned from their life experiences—truly a priceless gift.

My Grandparents’ Legacy, My LLC

Small Business Enabler and Jason Hobbs, LLCFor me, small business starts with the family, and my own business was born through conversations with my grandparents during the last years of their lives. My medium is different—I build websites, not signs—but the belief structure, principles, and ethics that served Gramps so well are the foundation of what I do.

I Believe

  • Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you deal with it
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • Attitude is a conscious decision
  • Small business is personal
  • Persuasion is understanding
  • The best listener wins
  • Business means caring and creating solutions for customers

My Promise

  • To listen
  • To stick with you for the long term
  • To connect you with the tools you need to be successful
  • To exceed your expectations
  • To be there, on your schedule
  • To reply within 24hrs of message receipt
  • To always keep it simple with you
  • To make small business personal